Stevens 19 Intentions For 2019

Stevens 19 Intentions For 2019

Another year, another slew of pointless “New Year’s Resolutions” exploited by advertising campaigns. As I’ve done in the past, I stand by my convictions that resolutions don’t last and are worthless to make.

Instead, I make intentions to help guide my year and forge a positive path forward.

So here they are, my 19 intentions for 2019.

  1. I intend to continue my quest for simplicity, even in the most daring and challenging times
  2. I intend to listen more and strive to always ask better questions
  3. I intend to take care of my two homes; my body and our planet; for without them, I am nothing but dust and a fading memory
  4. I intend to continue my path of mindfulness and enlightenment – no matter the cost
  5. I intend to balance between hustle and rest and to understand the place in which they both fit
  6. I intend to consume high quality, natural products that come with a purpose behind them
  7. I intend to be a better son, brother, uncle, friend, colleague and husband for the quality of our relationships dictates so much in our life
  8. I intend to continue to always produce better quality work than I previously have. To be able to push my personal boundaries and in essence, to push the boundaries of the brands and individuals I work with including my team
  9. I intend to play more music and become active in the music community. For me, the arts is a way of life and a way to communicate the thoughts I can’t express through words
  10. I intend to further my education by taking courses that will help me be a well rounded individual, businessman, and communicator
  11. I intend to keep my promises, speak the truth, and not settle for anything less
  12. I intend to slow down to smell the roses and taste the ingredients
  13. I intend to keep an open mind and practice empathy as we’re all fighting an intineral battle, some are just better at hiding it
  14. I intend to communicate better with those close to me and not assume too much
  15. I intend to be a husband my wife can be proud of where my daily commitments are based on discipline and focus
  16. I intend to start more random conversations with those I never would have for there is beauty in the unknown
  17. I intend to always strive for my own version of greatness
  18. I intend to be more clear with my intentions and to better serve my community with honor and respect
  19. I intend to live up to and surpass expectations I not only have of myself, but the expectations my parents and grandparent had of me on their journey through life. To them, I am the American dream

What are your intentions for 2019? How can I help you reach them and exceed all expectations?

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