Exploring Tuscany 2017
Hiking the Italian Alps 2017
Recording The Creative Hustler live at the SoCal Marketing Club September 26, 2017.
Hosting the "Empowered Women in Digital" panel with The SoCal Marketing Club. March 8, 2018.

Melissa Rautenberg

Melissa was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, spent 8 years in San Diego, California, and is now on a 1 year nomadic work/live journey traveling through Europe and the United States with her husband and business partner, Steven Picanza.

She’s an east coast girl at heart, but traveling, meeting new people, immersing in new cultures, and experiencing the world through the eyes of others is what drives Melissa, personally and professionally.

“My husband and I have interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs, creatives, and avid travelers on our podcast and asked 1 simple question, ‘What has travel and experiencing different cultures done for you in your personal and professional life?’The answer to that question always comes down to one main thing; empathy. Travel, experiencing other cultures, and seeing how other walks of life live day in and day out creates empathy and understanding. If you have empathy for other people, you can meet them on their terms, speak to them as they wish to be spoken to, and understand their needs and pain points so you can create the solutions their looking for. Which is what drives me in my career, meeting people on their terms to create the solutions they need.”

Melissa is a strategic problem solver by nature. She loves all things pertaining to digital marketing, organizational leadership, and system efficiencies while keeping brand integrity in mind.

With Latin & Code, Steven and Melissa work with only a handful of clients at a time and really immerse themselves in their clients cultures to help them make smarter branding and marketing decisions by helping to build, refresh, or reposition their branding, and strategize, organize, and reframe system efficiencies within their digital marketing campaigns.

Latin & Code acts as your Interim CMOs and either works with your current teams to provide strategic direction for effective execution, sources the teams depending on your company’s particular needs, or provides you with a cut and paste strategy so you can implement it your team of choice.

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Every week you can find her on The Creative Hustler podcast, for entrepreneurs living at the intersection of creativity and business. We focus on branding, marketing, and the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Currently a member of: 

– YEC Next (Young Entrepreneur’s Club) 

– San Diego Toastmasters 7

Personal Likes: 

– Female and overall entrepreneur empowerment

– Travel
(Currently on a 1 year tour of Europe and the United States until winter 2018)

– Hiking 

– Yoga 

– Wine ( I usually try to go local, but if not, anything Red from Tuscany, Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, Syrah from Australia, Riesling from Germany, Malbec or Tempranillo from Argentina… to name a few 😉

– Stoic philosophy

Personal Dislikes: 

– Bullying of any kind. Period. 


  • SCORE San Diego 
  • SoCal Marketing Club