Melissa Rautenberg

Melissa here! Brand and marketing consultant with over a decade of experience. My passion is helping companies make smarter branding and marketing decision. I do so through speaking, writing, workshops, podcasting, and consulting.  

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, I spent 8 years in San Diego, California, and recently moved to South New Jersey after 16 months of traveling through Europe and the United States. 

I contribute traveling, meeting new people, and immersing myself in new cultures a huge part of what has made me successful in my career. I’ve interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs, creatives, and avid travelers on my recent podcast and asked 1 simple question, “What has travel and experiencing different cultures done for you in your personal and professional life?” The answer to that question always comes down to one simple thing; empathy

If you experience empathy for other people, you can meet them on their terms, speak to them on their terms, market to their specific needs, and create the exact solutions they’re looking for. 

I’m a strategic problem solver by nature and thrive in all things pertaining to digital marketing, organizational leadership, and system efficiencies while keeping brand integrity in mind.

The ultimate goal with my clients is to immerse into their culture and help them to make smarter branding and marketing decisions by building or refreshing their brand messaging, strategizing, organizing, and reframing system efficiencies within their digital marketing campaigns.

Currently a member of: 

– YEC Next (Young Entrepreneur’s Club) 


– The SoCal Marketing Club

– SCORE San Diego

– JerseyMan 

– Chamber of Commerce South New Jersey

– Cambridge Innovation Center


  • SCORE San Diego 
  • SoCal Marketing Club