Interim CMO Consulting

We Help Struggling Business Owners Proactively Increase Their Revenue Through Our Monthly 'Interim CMO' Consulting

Do any of these ring a bell?

☛ You’re a business owner, but it feels like your marketing is costing you more money than you’re making.

☛ You don’t have a ‘true’ marketing team, or perhaps you’ve been a team of 1.

☛ You’re starting to gain some traction with your brand, but your ‘digital dots‘ are not connected and you’re leaving money on the table.

☛ You have no proactive strategy. Just a reactive approach to what you consider “marketing”.

☛ You have an online presence, but let’s be real, it isn’t optimized and you have no engagement.

☛ Your positioning isn’t correct and you’re hearing it from your customers.

☛ Or maybe you’re a seasoned marketer, but your hands are tied and you’re out of resources.

What you need is:

Experience, accountability, and consistency with your marketing and branding.

But who has the funds or time to hire a senior marketing executive? Who want’s to deal with a ‘traditional’ agency only looking for ‘pay-to-play’ opportunities to keep their margins higher?

With running your business and dealing with customersemployees, and vendors your #1 priority, how can you possibly keep up with your marketing and branding strategy without pulling out your hair?

What you need is a senior leader. An Interim ‘CMO’ at a fraction of the price (and ego). 

That’s where we come in. 

As your Interim CMOs, we exist to help you make  smarter branding and marketing decisions.

Engaging with Latin & Code, you’ll receive the strategic guidance and brand accountability you need to maximize profits and visibility and overall marketing effectiveness.

Week after week.

Having a strategic alliance in your corner to guide you through ‘growth hack this’  and ‘content marketing that’ is worth it’s weight in gold. Also in timefrustration, and and learning to navigate an ever-changing industry.

What’s Included

We want to make this easyeffective, and personal. Because we’re a consultancy constantly on the move, we’ll leverage the latest in technology to stay connected and on the ball. This includes weekly video-conference team calls, cloud-based project management tools as well as document sharing. It’s a modern and economic approach to ensuring your getting the senior leadership you need without the inflated price-tag, long search timeframe, and on-boarding.  ☛ (4) 60-minute Zoom meetings per month ☛ Access to Steven & Melissa’s library of resources including a personalized brand and marketing playbook ☛ Full email support ☛ 6 Month Contract (Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your brand marketing)

Brand + Marketing Playbook

Personalized cloud-based Asana board to stay organized and efficient

Connect with Steven & Melissa TODAY to transform your branding and marketing!

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    What We’re Covering

    ☛ Branding Strategy: We’re going to work with you to help refine, and in some cases define, your industry positioning, value proposition, and your brand WHY. By understanding your brand WHY, we’re going to be able to help craft your story and have it resonate with your core audience.

    ☛ Message & Audience Refinement: Your brand is more about the defining statements and verbiage you use than it is about your logo or design. We’re going to to dive in deep the ensure you’re messaging is resonating with your core audiences and that you’re not alienating or driving customers away by using the wrong words.

    ☛ Creative Strategy: Your creative look & feel is what gives your brand depth and brings the story to life. We’re working with you to ensure your creative isn’t screaming to your audience, but inviting them into your world for a conversation (and hopefully a sale).

    ☛ Marketing Growth / Lead Generation Strategy: With your brand foundation set, we begin to look at marketing strategies and tactical plans to ensure we’re having the right conversation with the right audience at the right time. By engaging in your marketing mix, we can ensure to reach your target market effectively and efficiently and bring them down your sales funnel.

    ☛ Social Media Strategy: It’s no surprise when we say how important social media is. But with shiny bright new objects appearing daily, how do we understand the right channels to invest in? We’ll help you not only make sense of the online marketing world, but help you craft strategies that matter.

    ☛ Content Strategy: Content is king, but so many companies are treating it like a pauper. We’ll help you generate a content strategy to works to the strengths of the brand and resonate’s with your audience.

    ☛ Thought Leadership / Digital PR Strategy: We’ll work to bring a level of thought leadership to the brand that permeates through all outbound marketing including looking for guest posting ideas, podcast and new media opportunities as well as ‘digital PR’.

    ☛ Website & Digital Marketing Strategy: Traffic is great, but if your home experience is sub-par, what do you think is going to be the lasting impression of your brand? Your website and backend digital marketing ecosystem doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to work. We’ll help get you there.

    ☛ SEO/SEM Strategy: Staying on top of algorithm changes makes web optimization a full-time job these days. Let us help you take the guess work out of Google and other search engines and get you ranking so your customers can find you.

    ☛ Paid Advertising: From running and optimizing Facebook ads, to taking your brand into the world of progamatic and retargeting, let’s work together to formulate the right plan to scale your business.

    ☛ Goal Setting & Accountability: What good is all this work without shooting and aiming for the right targets and goals? Together, we’re putting together goals and accountability metrics to keep you on track and constantly progressing towards the goals in mind.

    ☛ Marketing Team Coaching: Perfect for small teams, we’ll work with your marketing staff to formulate processes, align resources, organize vendor relationships, and create a working environment that fosters creativity, accountability. We are also able to assist with talent acquisition and team-building.

    What People Are Saying About Working With Latin & Code

    “Steven and Melissa were instrumental in revamping our brand.  With no marketing leadership, they stepped in and led our team during a huge transition. Their knowledge of branding, messaging, digital marketing and processes really helped steer us during some rocky times. Without them, I don’t think we would have seen the amazing results we did. I also personally learned so much from them and their guidance has helped me in my own career progression. I can’t thank them enough!” – Meghan, Marketing Manager  

    “Engaging Latin & Code in our strategic direction is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a business. Since our inception 11 years ago we have had to keep pace with the ever-changing CIO role and the evolution of the IT profession. Latin & Code has been able to help us make sense of the modern dynamics and be a part of transforming how we approach the marketplace, talk about the impact we make versus the tactical aspects of what we do, and most importantly pressed us to re-emerge with confidence. Our business is completely different than it was 11 years ago when we started out yet how we presented ourselves needed to be modernized and made relevant to today’s environment. We are thrilled with the results we are seeing so far!” – Pam, President

    “Steven is not just an awesome guy to be around he’s a brilliant marketing guru. His ability to listen to clients’ desires and identify their true needs and goals is second to none. He is tireless at his efforts to deliver the best results and exceed everyone’s expectations.” – Matt, Global UX Director 

    “It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Melissa. I had the pleasure of working / partnering with Melissa for two years collaborating on several digital marketing projects. I was particularly impressed by her ability to handle even the toughest client situations—effortlessly. Melissa is also an extremely quick learner. If she was not familiar with a specific skill or strategy, it would take her no more than a week to research, understand and implement it. Melissa would truly be a major asset to any team and has my highest recommendation.” – Grant, CEO

    As a result of Working with Latin & Code, You’ll Get…

    ☛ Access to senior level marketers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional CMO or Director of Marketing (average CMO is close to $200k/yr and a Director of Marketing salary is $150K/yr) 

    ☛ An objective POV on how your brand and marketing is performing with steps and a recommendation ‘engine’ to fix problems as they arise

    ☛ An omni-channel approach to your marketing, not just ‘growth hack this’ and ‘marketing tactic’ this

    ☛ Increased market awareness by gaining a top-down view of your brand strategy to ensure your value proposition and industry positioning is effective

    ☛ A solid brand strategy and marketing plan for the next 12-18 months with milestones, KPIs, and goals to gauge your success 

    ☛ A new found sense of brand confidence meaning you know your brand WHY, who your audience is, and what you’re really selling / offering

    ☛ Creative and messaging direction so you can successfully articulate your brand to your core audiences and serve them with brand assets that resonate and draw them into you world

    ☛ An understanding of the modern marketing world and how you can be successful in not only keeping up, but thrive by leveraging channels that work for your audience and your business

    ☛ Knowledge and resources to quickly scale and spark engagement with your social media

    ☛ An understanding why setting a concrete foundation in regards to your brand, marketing, and web presence is essential to success in today’s business environment 

    ☛ Processes, procedures, and a playbook to ensure your marketing staff and the next generation of employees understand the strategy and operations / functions of your marketing

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