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Our job is to get your brand optimized and communicating to your core audience effectively and efficiently. Coupled with creative and design meant to resonate with your customers, our take on branding is less about ‘award winning’ and more about ‘revenue winning’ (although we’ve won some pretty cool awards along the way).

Company Rebranding & Transformation

You have the offline relationships, customers, and history, but your brand is struggling to stay relevant in today’s modern digital world. We can help!

Brand Consulting

Touch point this, content that… Let our team of experts help take your brand to the next level by empowering you to make the smartest decisions possible. 

Personal Branding

Corporate personal branding is what will allow you to scale the ladder and break through with your career. Let us help you secure your future. 

Digital Marketing Consulting

From SEO to Social Media, we help effectively market and promote your brand and make sense of the latest & greatest tactics and strategies so you can maximize effectiveness while minimizing risk. 

Fractional CMO Consulting

Meant for smaller organizations having difficulty navigating the branding and marketing world, our monthly CMO consulting gives you senior-level talent at an affordable price-point. 

Design + Creative

Your creative should match your brand, not the other way around. Our team of designers and creative strategists know just the right amount of pixels to push to get your look & feel consistent to your core audience. 

Why Latin & code?

It’s about mixing experience with theory, growth with strategy, and leadership with a modern-day perspective.  

In understanding the challenging business landscape, we’re able to come in equally as decisive as we are inspiring. Our job is to spark change, craft positive brand and marketing strategies rooted in theory and ROI, as well as lead you and your team to future success.

With increased competition, daily advances in technology, and an infinite amount of customer brand touch points to be aware of, our strategic direction will help you navigate the vision of the brand while systematically bringing processes forward to impact your bottom line.

We aren’t a jack of all trades ‘agency’, but strategic thinkers and consultants who understand the importance of having a brand first mentality mixed with a marketing strategy and plan rooted in theory and results.

Let us transform your brand into what you always knew it could be.

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About Our founders

Networkers, educators, branders, marketers, tinkerers, globalists, dreamers, and futurists. Hi there, we’re Steven & Melissa! 

Time is money

Call us boutique, but our small yet mighty approach allows us to be nimble when others are bloated. We leverage the opportunity to scale the team based on project and client needs to ensure you’re always getting the team perfect for your brand and budget. 

Location is everything

We’re a consultancy on the move meaning we’re able to work equally effectively and efficiently between Southern California, The metro Northeast, and into Europe. 

How can we help your brand connect with your customers better?